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Le Pen Kicks Butt
New Ben Garrison Cartoon "Le Pen Kicks Butt"

The so-called ‘centrist’ French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron doesn’t want to offend Muslims. He claimed terrorism would be a part of the daily lives of the French people for years to come. Just like croissants and good bordeaux. He may as well wave a surrender flag and then get down on a Islamic prayer rug.

Marine LePen wants to stop importing Islam and the terrorism that always accompanies it. She is the voice of sanity in a country gone mad with political correctness. Even the pope made the ridiculous claim that ‘migrant’ holding centers are ‘Nazi concentration camps’ for Muslims. Apparently the Pope wants to help hasten the demise of his own Christianity. Europe seems to be ready to hand over their countries to Islam without a fight. Sharia law is at odds with western civilization and Muslims will use violence to implement it. The Quran tells them to do this.

Socialists continue to welcome and embrace Islam because they consider it their best means to destroy Christianity--thereby making it easier to usher in their communism. That's why Obama and Merkel have eagerly flooded western civilization with Islam. Soros is a big player in this scheme, too. What they really want is the erosion of the historically strong Christian foundation in western countries.

Marine Le Pen wants to end such insanity. She’s always labeled ‘far right’ by the mainstream media. There’s no longer such a thing as ‘right’ or ‘conservative.’ It’s always ‘far right.' It’s just one of the pejorative terms used to impugn those who care about preserving the culture of one’s country. They are called ‘nativists’ or the ubiquitous terms “racist” and “Nazi.”

I don’t want to see France become a caliphate. I admire Marine Le Pen for making a stand against the Islamic invasion. I wish her the best of luck in the election.

—Ben Garrison

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The Problem Child
New Ben Garrison Cartoon, "The Problem Child"

Kim Jong-un is a spoiled, capricious nut. His nuclear war threats may be nothing but continued ego maniacal saber rattling, but once nuclear miniaturization is achieved, he could launch a nuclear attack on our west coast. Many have suggested diplomacy, but that has already been tried for decades. North Korea always furthers their nuclear capabilities regardless. He may be trying to extort us once again for more food and fuel, but again..that tactic simply does not work. It only buys the regime in North Korea more time.

War is not funny. Especially the prospect of WWIII. I was not happy with the Syrian bombing and I caught a lot of flak for my cartoon that criticized the event. As a political cartoonist, I have to call it as I see it—even if it means losing support that I badly need. I drew a great many pro-Trump cartoons to help him get elected. I still back Trump and his intention to make America great again, but one critical cartoon cost me in terms of lost donors. Trump recently said he had no intention of starting another useless war in the Middle East—and that’s reassuring, but now we have North Korea to worry about.

I've read two books that I recommend highly: “The Aquariums of Pyongyang” and “Escape from Camp 14.” If you read either book, you’ll get a good idea of the fear and tyranny under which the North Korean people must live. Kim Jong-un grew up as a pampered egomaniac. He is reckless and dangerous. He even wanted all males in the Communist country to wear his own crazy haircut. He needs to be taken out, but that’s a very risky undertaking.

China is key. If they don’t help us take out Un, then we definitely have a chance for WWIII. I’d much rather see Trump concentrate on making America again, but the constant threat of nuclear war from a deranged tyrant could ruin all that.

We live in very dangerous times.

—Ben Garrison

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— with Grace Maryteresa Cancel, Drake Austin and Daniel Beninati.
Angels and Demons
New Ben Garrison Cartoon- Angels and Demons

There’s just no way around it. Trump’s action in Syria disappointed me greatly. Before he was elected he claimed he didn’t want to be the world’s policeman. He wasn’t going to be ‘president of the world.’ My cartoon has Rand repeating Trump’s words to Obama.

Did Trump forget his own advice? Apparently. He just bombed Syria to punish Assad, who almost certainly did not use poison gas on civilians as the mainstream media claims. Why would Assad make such a drastic mistake? More likely, it was poison gas held by ISIS in a nearby warehouse. They probably got it from our ally who loves to fund radical Islam: Saudi Arabia.

Lies and false flags are now routinely used to draw us into war and strip us of our liberties. The gassing strikes me as an excuse to distract from the Rice scandal as well as get Trump to get more aggressive toward Russia. It’s a bad sign when warmongering Neocons such as McCain are praising the bombing. Even CNN applauded it. A very bad sign indeed. They wanted Hillary who would be more than happy to carry out their endless wars. She enjoys a good cackle after killing people.

President Trump, we did not elect you to carry on status quo policies that include even more useless wars in the middle east and the lies used to start them. We especially don’t want WWIII with Russia. We don’t need another cold war with them either. They should be our allies in the war against Muslim terrorism.

Why can’t we concentrate on our own problems? We need to rebuild our infrastructure. We need more jobs and less taxes. We need to end Obama care. We need to build that wall. We need to wrest power away from the deep state and return it to We The People. President Trump, forget about bombing the middle east. Stop trying to control the world. Instead, please concentrate on making America great again.

—Ben Garrison

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— with Olly Siochana and Daniel Beninati.
Bearack Obama
New Ben Garrison Cartoon "Bearack Obama"

I worked at newspapers for nearly 20 years before starting my own commercial art business. I knew all too well that most of my coworkers were ‘liberal.’ They were proud of it and to their credit, many were very professional and their reporting remained objective. The few conservatives there were forced into quiescence in order to remain on friendly terms with reporters and editors as well as escape outright harassment and ridicule. For example, I once made the mistake of making a positive comment about Goldwater. I had just finished reading a biography about him and I was telling one of my fellow artists that he had some good attributes. An SJW photographer overheard this and proceeded to go into a loud and protracted virtue signaling spiel about the evils of being a conservative. I could not get a word in edgewise and it would have been useless to reason with him by use of facts. There can be no debate with such people. Their minds are made up and they’re convinced truth is on their side. So I mostly shut up about politics and many there assumed I was liberal like them. I was fine with them thinking that.

I’ve now lost a good many of these old friends and coworkers. Naturally, they’re not happy with my cartoons. Even a non-newspaper friend wrote me recently to express his hatred for Trump. Here’s one of the things he wrote:

“Nothing Hillary has ever done compares to the sheer, breathtaking corruption that Trump brings to the Presidency.”

“Breathtaking." Really? How can Trump be worse than Hillary when he never before held public office? Hillary is indeed the most corrupt person to ever come close to the presidency. It’s why Trump once called her a ‘monster.’ I ended up writing a long list of Hillary’s crimes and corruption just off the top of my head (see below), but I decided not to respond to his statements at all. It would only make him angrier and I would lose another friend. This is a man who probably still listens to the mainstream media as if they were the penultimate oracle of truth. He also believes the lie that the Russians were in league with Trump to hack and 'steal' the election. Maybe he reads newspapers such as the LA Times.

Today, the LA Times came out with part one of four editorials with the overall title, “Our Dishonest President.” Part one epitomizes the usual arguments against Trump. They’re based not on logic and reason, but rather emotion. It’s mostly fear, anger and empty vitriol. While reading the first part I got the impression that I could have been reading something written by the ‘Deep State’ itself. I also found myself countering their statements along the way. Here are a few examples:
Their opening sentence:

LA Times: "It was no secret during the campaign that Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters.”

Ben Garrison: The Times begins by spewing the usual emotional claptrap and hysteria, which is now seen everywhere on corporate media. Trump appealed to voters because he was not a career politician. He’s not part of the ‘Big Club’ elite. The Illuminati grew way too complacent and accustomed to running the show with the help of their lying mainstream media. Trump is a populist and nationalist. He wants to restore America to greatness. That means thwarting the Deep State’s plans for globalism and tyranny--and they can’t stand it.

LA Times: " He has clashed with his own intelligence agencies, demeaned government workers and questioned the credibility of the electoral system and the Federal Reserve. “

Ben Garrison: Trump does not ‘own’ such agencies. They don’t belong to the American people, either. The NSA and CIA are now part of the Deep State. They are unaccountable. They’ve gone rogue and they illegally spy on us all. Citizens are assassinated. The agencies have become politicized and they want one of their own as President. They wanted Hillary. Questioning the election system where ‘super delegates’ get the say and not voters? Questioning the Federal Reserve? They are in dire need of questioning! The vile Federal Reserve system of debt slave money has impoverished Americans while driving us in debt to the tune of $20 trillion. It’s a sick, immoral system of money that must end.

LA Times: "His scary willingness to repeat alt-right conspiracy theories, racist memes and crackpot, out-of-the-mainstream ideas. “

Ben Garrison: The mainstream media, including the LA Times no longer tells the truth. They spew Deep State propaganda and lies. Fewer are watching, listening and reading the MSM narratives because they know the truth can be found on the Internet. Citizen muckrakers are the ones doing real investigative journalism. 'Out-of-the-mainstream' ideas are healthy. They also threaten the mind control ‘official’ narrative of the Deep State MSM. That’s why they are doing their best to control dialogue on the Internet. They have long been over-paid colossal liars and now they want to blame under-paid citizen journalists on the Internet for their failure. They will smear patriots as racists or ‘crackpots,’ but they’re facing more and more resistance. The elite at the top want to censor and stop free speech in order to regain control and fill minds with lies once again. We must remain vigilant. They have all the money in the world and have owned their media lapdogs for a long, long time. They are now running scared and that’s a good sign.

LA Times: “This nation survived Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon. It survived slavery. It survived devastating wars. Most likely, it will survive again. But if it is to do so, those who oppose the new president’s reckless and heartless agenda must make their voices heard. ”

Ben Garrison: This is telling because Trump resurrected a painting of Jackson. I consider Jackson to be a great president. He was a populist elected by the people, not the elite, and in his two terms he took down the central bankers. Unfortunately one of our worst presidents, Woodrow Wilson, allowed reckless and heartless central bankers to again control our money (and us). He also got us into a reckless and heartless Word War I, which was completely immoral and unnecessary. I hope President Trump can keep President Jackson on the $20.

LA Times: “All of us who are in the business of holding leaders accountable must redouble our efforts to defend the truth from his cynical assaults.”

Ben Garrison: We as citizens must also defend the truth by pointing out the lies and cynical assaults spewed by the mainstream media—which are now mostly owned by the Deep State.

—Ben Garrison

Hillary’s crimes and corruption:
• Cattlegate
• Travelgate
• Filegate
• Using IRS to harass enemies (she was involved with these scandals during her ‘co-presidency’).
• Whitewater and Rose Law Firm corruption.
• She told the central bankers she was on their side and what she told the public was just politics.
• She helped cover up Bill’s rapes and sexual assaults and harassed his victims.
• She laughed after getting a child rapist a lesser sentence.
• Accepting pay for play money via the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State.
• Illegal campaign contributions to her senate campaign.
• Lying about being under sniper fire.
• Gifts (bribes) from foreign nations.
• Pardoned Puerto Rican terrorist group for personal gain
• Admitted to taking orders from the CFR while being a senator.
• Received expensive gifts during her eight years as first lady and she never disclosed them.
• Illegal murder of Gaddafi and she laughed about it.
• Censured for ethics violation while in the Senate.
• Lying about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary.
• Fired during the Watergate investigation for lying and dishonesty.
• Involved in getting a reduced sentence for a child trafficker in Haiti. (The Clintons/Podesta are tied together with PizzaGate).
• “Dead broke” was her claim when they left the White House; now they’re worth $50 million. What did they sell to get so rich?
​• Stealing White House antiques which she was forced to return.
• Stealing billions of dollars in contributions for Haiti and diverting them to the CF coffers.
• Bill Clinton getting $500k from Russia for a single speech, resulting in Hillary approving Russia gaining control over 20 percent of our uranium.
• Frequent trips to ‘Orgy Island’ with her hubby Bill.
• An illegal server containing classified material.
• She destroyed evidence (hammering cell phones, bleaching server).
• Benghazi (delaying rescue to Stevens to keep secret her and Obama’s aid to ISIS) It resulting in many deaths. (She lied and blamed a ‘video’).
• The death of Vincent Foster (recent exhumation and autopsy revealed two bullet holes in the back of the skull…ruled murder, not suicide).
• Vast trail of bodies left by the Clintons.

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— with Olly Siochana and Daniel Beninati.
The Left can't take a Joke
Bill O’Reilly said Maxine Waters’ hair looked like a James Brown wig. His was a small quip that should have registered a slight chuckle and then be forgotten. Instead, he faced the usual legacy media firestorm.

CNN pompously declared it 'an insult that should offend all Americans.’ The Chicago Tribune said the insult was 'par for O’Reilly’s ignorant course.' Even though Bill apologized (he shouldn’t have), the SJW crowd angrily cried that he be fired. This is a familiar pattern. It’s always about losing one’s job for saying things deemed politically incorrect these days. It’s the fascism of the left in action.

When I drew a cartoon depicting a mannish Michelle Obama, it sparked an avalanche of outrage. When I drew it, I was more or less a cartoonist working in obscurity. Suddenly I became known because I was a conservative conservative who dared to poke fun at a sacred icon. Only Michelle wasn’t sacred. She was a public figure living lavishly on the public dime. She was forcing kids to eat food they didn’t want. She wasn’t elected to do this—and the joke about her being ‘transgender’ was a common Internet meme. Even Joan Rivers called her a ‘tranny.’ Suddenly the cartoon was seen everywhere. I received hundreds emails expressing anger toward me—and even a few death threats. Again, it’s a pattern among the legacy media. I call it the ‘ain’t it awful game.’ They enjoy getting angry when the perceived transgressor is on the right. The mainstream media welcomes such anger because they know it attracts eyeballs—as long as that anger is directed toward conservatives.

If Whoopi Goldberg made that comment about Maxine’s hair, does anyone seriously think there would be outrage? Of course not. The left would laugh. Even if Bill Maher said it, he’d get a pass. But if a conservative makes a quip mildly critical of physical attribute owned by a lefty, then there’s all sorts of ferocious condemnation. In this manner, the left thus makes themselves immune from ridicule and satire from the right. The right becomes afraid to make jokes and then the left criticizes the right for being incapable of humor. You just can’t win with lefties.

I’ve made fun of Bill O’Reilly myself. I’ve called him “the big leprechaun.” And an angry one at that. Do you think Bill would be offended if he heard me say that? I don’t think so. That’s because the right gets ridiculed by the left all the time. Trump gets it in spades. That’s OK. But poke fun back at the left? Watch out. Especially if the subject is a person ‘of color.’


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— with Brenda Dowling, Daniel Beninati and Olly Siochana.


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